Naturally Manage Everyday Stress

Our crystal healing services in Galveston, TX will balance your mind, body and spirit

Blissful Massages is the only certified crystal healing practitioner in the Galveston, TX area. Our specialist will begin by scheduling a consultation with you to learn about your issues. Once we determine the type of session you will benefit from most, we'll set up a plan using specific crystals and placements for readjusting your mind, body and spirit. Crystal healing services help you manage your issues while using the physical body to reach spiritual and emotional healing.

Get in touch with your inner self today by scheduling a session today.

*All consultations are free of charge, 30 minutes to one hour will be needed to discuss, analyze and fill out paperwork.

Chakra Balancing


Unblocking and readjusting can be done in 1 hour and require the paitent to lie still with eyes closed. Simply relax while the interaction between the crystals and the body, mind, and spirit takes place.

Advance Body Layouts


Advanced body layouts can be done following the initial chakra and crystal therapy session.

These sessions require 30 minutes addressing the following issues:
• Feeling stuck and too much in the head.
• Forgiveness
• Feeling vulnerable, empaths especially.
• Releasing deep emotional pain.
• Strengthening intuition.
• Self love.
• Sacred ground.
• Relief from childhood trauma.
• Releasing stuck energy, weight, anger and difficult situations.
• Relaxation lowers anxiety, stress and neurosis.
• Protective layout creates a protective shield around the body.
• Immunity support.
• Grounding layouts restores balance and grounds our own EMF.
• Fertility layouts supports fertility and pregnancy. • Empowerment layout.
• Connect to mother earth.
• Circadian rhythm balancing treatment.
• Business and job manifestation layout.
• Auric field infusion layouts infuses energy into the body. The focus can be chronic fatigue, inflammation, love abundance and transmutation.

Group Crystal Therapy Sessions

$40.00 per person

Decide what your group would like to focus on. Grounding, Self-Love, Empowerment are just a few examples. The sessions can be done in 1 hour. Bring your yoga mat and enjoy a community feel of healing. Space is limited to 6 people.